RM800.00 - RM820.00 RM950.00 - RM970.00
Tsunami Mus-400/400A Submersible Pump
Price RM800.00 - RM820.00 RM950.00 - RM970.00
Product SKU MUS-400X
Brand Tsunami Pump
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
Availability 999
  1. -Light weight, portable and anti corrusion
  2. - Stainless steel and PPO composite materials used Motor protection
  3. - Built in thermo regulator stops the motor when it heats up Twin mechanical seal
  4. - Pump is enclosed in an oil filed enclosure, providing double-protection from thr water Wick safe cable seal
  5. - Seals the strand of cable conductors preventing water from entering pump when wicking Lubricant lifter
  6. - Auto supply lubricant to the seal when necessary extending mainteance intervals and lifespan Large solid passage
  7. - Pump impeller is fitted in a wide opened casing, enabling solids to pass through Automatic water level control
  8. - Built in water level sensor (only for MUS-A models)

Tsunami Mus-400/400A Submersible Pump


MUS series are reliable submersible pump with high efficiency & low energy consumption, long lifespan landscape pump. The pump boast lower energy consumption while ensuring high volume water movement. Professional quality stainless steel pumps are great for koi ponds and landscape fountain which is using food grade lubricant. Specifically designed to maintain good water flow even at higher head pressure. The shafts of the submersible pumps are made of stainless steel 316 coated with a protecting layer of oxidized titanium alloy. The pumps are enclosed in a stainless steel 304 casing, while the non-metal parts are made with PPO composite materials, adopting the latest Japanese and American technologies. They are well-designed, tough and anti-corrosion.



  • Light weight, portable and anti-corrosion
  • Motor protection with built-in thermo cut-off protection
  • Twin mechanical seal providing double protection from the water
  • Wick-safe cable seal preventing water from entering the pump when wicking
  • Lubricant lifter which supplies lubricant to the seal when necessary, extending the lifespan of the seal
  • Large solid passage enabling solids to pass though
  • Water level control (Automatic) built-in water level sensor detects and controls water levels


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