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The SC 4 EasyFix steam cleaner offers a high level of convenience, boasting an integrated cable storage compartment, an accessory storage compartment and a parking position for the floor nozzle. The EasyFix floor nozzle guarantees excellent ergonomics thanks to its flexible joint, whilst lamella technology provides sparkling clean results. Using the convenient hook-and-loop system, the microfibre floor cloth can be quickly and easily attached to the floor nozzle and removed again without having to come into contact with dirt. Using two-step steam regulation, the steam intensity can be adapted to the surface and the dirt. The wide range of accessories will quickly make tiles, hobs, exhaust hoods and even the smallest gaps shine like new – removing even the most stubborn dirt. The permanently refillable and removable water tank enables uninterrupted cleaning. The SC 4 EasyFix cleans without chemicals and can be used practically anywhere in the home. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.999% of coronaviruses* and 99.99% of all common household bacteria** from typical household hard surfaces.

  1. Extremely powerful with a power consumption of only 1,100 watts.
  2. The multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is equipped with a corrosion-resistant 25-litre stainless steel container and innovative filter removal technology, which allows you to conveniently remove the flat pleated filter in seconds by folding out the filter box.
  3. The switchable floor nozzle with two rubber and two brush strips and the optimised suction hose guarantee optimal intake of all types of dirt and offer maximum cleaning convenience. 

Quality assurance

- Each Pumps is factory assembled and tested before delivery.

Anti-rust pump shell

- Segmental multistage stainless steel pump

Aluminum frame

- Low noise and less vibration and high durability and reliable

2 Years warranty

- 2 years manufacturer warranty by Tsunami Malaysia

Space saving

- Small size but powerful home water booster pump

Dry running protection

- Auto start when using water , auto stop when not using water

Over heating protection

- Advanced welding equipment , heat treatment


The specialist tool for renovation and refurbishment

High material removal rate thanks to powerful 650 W motor and special tile chisel

Long lifetime thanks to the extremely sturdy hammer mechanism and toolholder as well as oil lubrication

Excellent handling thanks to its low weight of only 3.5 kg, its compact design, lockable accelerator switch and softgrip


Bosch laser measuring power tool for easy measurement and documentation, applicable for all surroundings.

  1. Precise targeting thanks to the digital viewfinder with zoom function – also for outdoor applications and long distance
  2. Optimal readability due to large 2.8” IPS colour display with extra robust cover glass
  3. Fast collection and documentation of measured values thanks to Measuring Master App

Thanks to its extremely low weight and cordless operation, the yellow VC 4i Cordless Plus from Kärcher can be effortlessly carried around, lifted up and operated, even over a prolonged period. With its modern 2-in-1 design and double handle, it fits comfortably in the hand at all times, whether as a handheld or handle vacuum cleaner – and is thus the perfect aid for daily cleaning tasks. Its brushless high-speed motor with 100,000 turns per minute, 15,000 Pa suction power and motorised floor roller pick up any kind of dirt as fast as lightning. The powerful bagless vortex system with HEPA filter ensures constant suction power. In Eco mode, the maximum run time of the powerful lithium-ion battery is 60 minutes, which makes the cleaning of the entire living area possible. A hole in the wall is not necessary for storing the device and its accessories. Furthermore, the VC 4i Cordless Plus has practical accessories: With the upholstery nozzle, dust and hair can be removed from upholstered furniture and the crevice nozzle makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach surfaces.

  • Ideal for outdoor use due to a robust housing with dust and splash protection (IP54)
  • Fast aperture for a sharp image of the target
  • Compensator lock for safe transport

• Longer lifetime with power that impresses in its class

• Reduced contact pressure & long hammer tube for good and balanced performance

• 15% higher impact force ensure high material removal rate

• Strengthen impact housing for longest lifetime in the class


The pressure in the Vario Power spray pipe (VPS) can be adjusted simply by twisting it, and the extra powerful dirt grinder, with its rotating point jet, removes even the most stubborn dirt. In short: The K4 Basic is the ideal equipment for moderately dirty cars, garden fences, bicycles etc.

  1. Reliable and long lasting
  2. Maintenance free
  3. Efficient and energy-saving
  4. Quiet operation system
  5. Dry-running protection feature
  6. Compact design
  • 3.5 Max.
  • Steam pressure Steam flow control on handle
  • 100% chemical-free tool
  • No scrubbing is necessary, creating outstanding results with each use
  • bring deep level of cleaning to every last corner of your home
  1. -Light weight, portable and anti corrusion
  2. - Stainless steel and PPO composite materials used Motor protection
  3. - Built in thermo regulator stops the motor when it heats up Twin mechanical seal
  4. - Pump is enclosed in an oil filed enclosure, providing double-protection from thr water Wick safe cable seal
  5. - Seals the strand of cable conductors preventing water from entering pump when wicking Lubricant lifter
  6. - Auto supply lubricant to the seal when necessary extending mainteance intervals and lifespan Large solid passage
  7. - Pump impeller is fitted in a wide opened casing, enabling solids to pass through Automatic water level control
  8. - Built in water level sensor (only for MUS-A models)

High cutting efficiency and cutting precision.

High performance of frequent Aluminum cutting.

Highest precision cutting for excellent work results.

High sliding fence design to offer advanced support for material.

  • Reliable and long lasting
  •  Maintenance free
  •  Efficient and energy-saving
  •  Quiet operation system
  •  Dry-running protection feature
  •  Compact design

Features & Benefits

- Incl. 20 plus 2-m premium-quality, phthalate-free (< 0.1%) 1/2'' hose

- Nozzle - 1 hose coupling

- 1 hose coupling with Aqua Stop

- G3/4 tap adaptor and G1/2 reducer

- Convenient accessory storage

- Fully assembled