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Selleys Knead It Steel (50g) - TRSAD035
Price RM11.80 RM17.70
Product SKU TRSAD035
Brand Selleys
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
Availability 999
  • Original Selleys product.
  • High grade epoxy putty.
  • Fast-setting polymer compound.
  • Provides permanent repair to anything made of steel or other metals.
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use.
  • Dries to dark gray.
  • 50g.
  • 100% Brand New and in Good condition.
  • Ship from Malaysia.

 Product Description

  • A versatile hand kneadable, fast setting, non-rusting co-extruded epoxy repair system that can be used for repairing ferrous and aluminum metal items. It comes in a handy roll form, with the black hardener encapsulated in the grey resin part. The product hardens in 5-10 minutes, after mixing, to a black metal-like material.

       Where can this product be used?

  1. Rebuilding engine parts and rusted metal etc
  2. a hole in a fuel tank
  3. Repair of iron pipes, tools, and equipment
  4. Repair stripped threads
  5. Forming of nuts and bolts in place
  6. Attaching fixtures and signs
  7. Fixing radiators
  8. Repairing holes in cars and boats
  9. Patching ducts and tanks
  10. Making prototypes
  11. Thread locking
  12. Repair of downpipes and gutters
  13. Anchoring of bolts
  14. Repairing your metal outdoor furniture
  15. Set time increases at temperatures below 20°C
  16. Not recommended for plastic fuel tanks
  17. Does not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene or Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon?), or silicone rubber
  18. Not tested for drinking water contact to AS/NZ 4020:2005

      What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Repair engine parts 修理发动机零件
  • Fix radiotors 修理散热器
  • Tanks 蓄水池
  • Car parts 汽车零件
  • Metal 金属
  • Wood 木材
  • glass 玻璃
  • Masonry 石工
  • Plastics 塑料
What's in the box

1x Selleys Knead It Steel (50g)

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